Monday, November 5, 2012

Windows Live Mail IMAP problem on the Surface

I have several email accounts, and it looks like the non-standard accounts do not send email through IMAP from Windows 8 RT.

A day or two after I received the device there was a windows update that changed the email app. I noticed because the "Add New Account" screen looks different. There is a "POP3" option which simply tells us that POP3 is not supported at this time.

IMAP receives email, but does not send.
I tried this same account setup in Thunderbird, and I had to choose the outgoing mail server, port 587, and STARTTLS as the authentication type.

The Live Mail app does allow me to change the port, but the auth type cannot be changed. Maybe it's another issue. Regardless, Microsoft seems to know about it, and hopefully we will receive an update soon. Not being able to send mail from my primary email account is annoying.

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